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Don't Miss Out on What Pennsylvania Travel and Tourism Has to Offer

With so much to explore, see and do, the great state of Pennsylvania has more going on than you can imagine. Whether it's catching your favorite team in action, eating cheesesteaks in Philly, taking in the quiet beauty of Amish country, touring Civil War battlefields in Gettysburg, exploring northern PA's great outdoor destinations or discovering our world-class museums, Pennsylvania will exceed your expectations.

The Ultimate PA Travel Guide

Where & When is your go-to resource for all that's happening in Pennsylvania. We've got fairs and festivals, shopping and spas, wineries and wildlife parks and more historical sites than anywhere in the US!

Whether you're looking for a day trip or a full week to travel Pennsylvania, Where & When will help you plan your exciting Pennsylvania experience.

Summertime or winter, every parent has heard their kids say, "There's nothing to do!" or "I'm bored!" But with this PA state travel website of kid-friendly attractions, you can kick boredom to the curb.

Don't Be Out of the Loop

You know those people who always seem to know what's happening? Now, you can be on top of all the latest events and deals on PA travel and tourism.

We've also taken care of all the research, so have instant access to all kinds of attractions and events with the simple click of a button. We've even broken it down by category and region to make it easy to browse events and attractions that are perfectly tailored to your individual interests.

Take the stress out of planning your night out. We're available 24/7, and we're also mobile friendly so you can access Where & When any time throughout your travel in Pennsylvania.

Since Where & When, Pennsylvania's travel guide, doesn't list events based on advertising, you see a larger selection of Pennsylvania travel and tourism activities. You can be confident that you'll find a full range of ideas and things to enjoy in Pennsylvania. That's why Where & When is one of the most requested, recommended and respected Pennsylvania travel guides.

Share Your Ideas With Us!

We'd love to hear your favorite things to do in Pennsylvania! Share them with us on Facebook and Twitter or just email us at info@whereandwhen.com.